1. Why do we display prices in EURO in the net value?

Based on the destination, tax rate may differ. The correct amount of the tax is going to be added to the pro forma invoice.
If your company is a VAT registered, the VAT on the invoice is going to be at the 0% rate.
In the case of payment in different currency, the price would be converted to Euro with the most recent exchange rate at the time.

2. Can I pay price in GBP if I'm based in other country than UK?

No, prices in GBP are valid for UK customers only and include 20% VAT tax obligatory in the UK. If you're based outside the UK you'll need to pay VAT tax obligatory in your country, which may vary to 20%. That's why we display prices in Euro in net value (ex. VAT) - correct amount of the tax will be added to the pro forma invoice.

3. How do I purchase a chassis?

To purchase the chassis/product, select products that you are interested in, and add it to the cart. When you add all products to the cart, make sure to fill up the order form with all fields required. Please make sure to add a correct contact details, they are necessary to reach to you. Your order and the form are going to be reviewed by our Sales Team, and you will be notified with the final price once it is confirmed.

Additional cost e.g. tariffs, shipping and currency exchange rate etc will be added to the final price. Once the order is reviewed and confirmed, our agent will contact you with the pro forma invoice, estimated delivery time and further details.

Submitting an order form doesn’ t mean your order is confirmed. Each order must be individually reviewed and processed manually by our Sales Team.

4. Why it is not possible to pay for the chassis on your website?

To make sure the total price of your order is correct, we need to know the final destination of the order. As most of our products are big and heavy, the shipping costs can be significant part of the total amount. Based on this, we need to know the shipping address to calculate the total price of the order.

Our website is not a standard online shop, it is a catalogue of products where our clients are able to learn more about our services and offerings. When you choose the products, make sure to fill up the form, based on which our Sales Team would confirm the final price and contact you with the estimated delivery time.

5. Where do you ship your products ?

We offer a worldwide shipping, please refer to the https://www.maer.com.pl/delivery with more details.
Our shipping doesn’t include unloading. It is a responsibility of the client to arrange the unloading on the site.

6. What is the characterizes of MAER’s chassis?

We are proud to produce a top quality chassis to the highest standards. We aim to provide our clients with the best possible value.

  • legs are made from 3mm thick high durability S355J2+N carbon steel
  • legs are welded from 4 parts with special reinforcements inside
  • the entire production process at our company (except for galvanization)
  • hot dip galvanization is included in the price
  • you can order extra protection like wax
  • profiles have additional inspection holes for mud washing.

Without unbolting any element of the car, you can wash the entire structure inside - legs and all crossmembers.

7. Do you transfer the VIN number on the chassis?

No we don't. In Poland, it is against the law to put the VIN number on a chassis. Each chassis has its own, unique production number on the left rockerarm. This allows us to identify them when needed.

8. Do you provide a Certificate of Conformity?

Yes we do. Each chassis includes certificate of conformity included to the shipping.

9. Do you offer a HCPU moutings?

Yes we do.

10. Is it possible to feed a main loom through the chassis??

It is possible to feed the main loom inside the chassis, Defender chassis are equipped by pulling rope for your ease, but we do not recommend this. We recommend that you put the main loom at the top of the chassis leg, because after galvanizing, sharp edges may remain inside the chassis and damage the loom.

11. What are the sizes of your 6x6 chassis?

The length of the 6x6 chassis are:
  • 110 6x6 is 5,33 m long
  • 130 6x6 is 5,77 m long

12. Is it possible to customize the chassis or order a custom one?

As we have our own production line, with the top quality facilities, we offer our clients an option to customize the chassis. We want to make sure our products meet your needs and requirements. If you need any unique set up or have any specific requirements, please contact us directly with more details, and we will be more than happy to look at your query.

It is possible to make a chassis for a specific application - sports, expeditions etc. Equipped with additional fuel and watertanks, different wheelbase, non-Land Rover engine and gearbox. Moreover, it is possible to wax it.

Any additional, custom requests will increase the price of the chassis.

13. What is the cost to ship the chassis to UK

Please check informations in Delivery&Shipping page.

14. How do I get my chassis?

Depends where you're located.

In UK mainland Your chassis is being transported by our large truck, that’s why you may be asked for pick it up from nearest place suitable for this kind of truck. The chassis will be unloaded by our driver by forklift - he will help load the chassis onto your trailer / car.
If you are unable to pick-up the chassis from our truck, we can arrange an individual door-to-door delivery at a different time – unfotunately this is extra paid option.

For the rest of the world, we use external logistics companies, delivery terms may vary depending on the carrier and are agreed individually.

15. Why my hot galvanised chassis from Maer may not be visually perfect?

We are using high durability S355 J2+N carbon steel, having a bit different chemical composition in compare to ordinary S235 steel, especially up to 0,5% o silicone. In hot galvanising process, S355 J2+N steel absorbing zinc a bit different because of silicone, what makes surface more irregular - partial mat, possibly some darker blurs. In hot dip galvanisation proces also there may be some visual imperfections e.g. partial fadded surface, excessive galv which may require to be flattened and protected by zinc spray etc. All of that are only visual issues - Your chassis is protected against corrosion as good as possible, maded from more durability material in compare to other products available to buy. Of course visual galv layer imperfections not affects our 5 years guarantee..

16. What about sandblasting as a preparation for painting?

Sandblasting as a mechanical process may destroy the zinc layer and negatively affect the anti-corrosion protection of the chassis. We do not provide a guarantee for the zinc layer and its properties in the case of sandblasting the chassis.