About Us
MAER company design, produce and provide top-class components used by the military, mining industry, and public services as well as in race, overland, and many other highly specialized vehicles.

We employ 50 highly qualified specialists -  engineers, welders and mechanics. Please see the full description here and a short tour of our factory in the video.


1. Why do we display prices in EURO in the net value?
Based on the destination, tax rate may differ. The correct amount of the tax is going to be added to the pro forma invoice.
If your company is a VAT registered, the VAT on the invoice is going to be at the 0% rate.
In the case of payment in different currency, the price would be converted to Euro with the most recent exchange rate at the time.

2. Can I pay price in GBP if I'm based in other country than UK?
No, prices in GBP are valid for UK customers only and include 20% VAT tax obligatory in the UK. If you're based outside the UK you'll need to pay VAT tax obligatory in your country, which may vary to 20%. That's why we display prices in Euro in net value (ex. VAT) - correct amount of the tax will be added to the pro forma invoice.

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