Delivery & Shipping

Pickup in person

You can pick up chassis by yourself directly from our factory in Kraków - Poland.

Remember that you are always welcome here. Many of our clients visited us during the years. We love to meet and have a talk with you. You can expect delicious coffe (or tea) and workshop trip. We will show and explain step by step how our products are made

UK Mainland delivery

No extra delivery charge for chassis, bulkheads and all orders over £1500!

UK Mainland delivery is made by large truck with trailer, chassis are unloaded by a forklift.
This type of transport requires a appropriate place for unloading - it may be neccesary to pick-up the chassis from nearest place suitable for this size of truck and type of unloading (e.g. large parking). Our driver helps to load the chassis by a  forklift onto the Customer's trailer / car.
If picking up from our truck will not be possible for any reason, we can organize individual door-to-door transport at a different time. Door-to-door delivery is an extra paid option!